Monday, April 22, 2019

Sharing Thoughts on World Book and Copyright Day

As a Reader and a Librarian I enjoy writing on occasions that give prominence to books or to the profession. At times I repeat certain views I enjoy doing so that is to give prominence to the points.

As a Reader I happen to attend various events - Literature Fests, Book Launches, Author Meets, Meetups and Human Library. All these made me a better person in terms of listening and widened my world view, including respecting others views, though I disagree at times. I enjoy discussing the books that I read and I am happy to say that many look forward for my suggestions and give me feedback as well.

On social media I share my readings and various age groups when I meet them in person recognise and that gives me immense pleasure. I am sure the credit goes to reading.

I wish you all on

World Book and Copyright Day


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